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GoFundMe For NHPS Music Teacher As Infant Daughter Is Seriously Ill

NEW HAVEN, CT —In an appeal to help a small family as it copes with a serious illness of its youngest member, a GoFundMe was created by New Haven resident Charlotte Dobbs.

In the appeal, it’s explained that Alysoun “Aly” Kegel gave birth to her second daughter in mid-December and around a month later, infant Emy was taken to the emergency department at Yale New Haven Hospital for a fever. She tested positive for meningitis, and is now hospitalized at Yale Children’s for a three-week course of treatment, the appeal reads.

“Emy is recovering extremely well, but the family could use our help with the cost of round-the-clock childcare and support for her older daughter, Ory, who is four and a half, and heartbroken to be separated from the other two members of her now three-person family,” Dobbs’ appeal reads. “Ms. Kegel’s gift of music and bringing people together has brought so much light into our community. Thank you for contributing in order to help this beautiful and loving family during a hard time.”

Kegal is the artistic director for the Greater New Haven Community Chorus’ 2023 season, she’s the first woman in that role for the chorus over its near six decades.

An accomplished conductor, music teacher, and soprano, “Aly” Kegel has been choir director and K-4 music instructor, through Yale’s Music in the Schools Initiative, at Worthington Hooker School since 2019, according to the Community Chorus.

As an undergraduate, she began conducting at Yale University. She earned a Master’s in Music at Carnegie Mellon University and from the Longy School of Music. Kegel has led choral workshops throughout the US, as well as in South Korea, Ghana, and Somaliland.

Read more about Kegel here.

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