The hot summer season often opens up even in the most hardened city dwellers a craving for attacks on nature. Few people can resist gatherings in the shade of a sprawling linden tree or an old apple tree. However, residents of large cities, who spend their days in the office, are lost when choosing an outfit for a picnic: what to prefer – comfort or beauty? We are learning together to look for a compromise and choose not only really comfortable clothes but also stylish ones.

Denim symphony
We have repeatedly noted that dressing from head to toe in denim is a great idea. And in nature, this image looks quite organic. Preferring denim shirt in combination with denim shorts or a skirt made of contrasting denim, you definitely will not lose. You can complement the image with a raffia basket-bag or a backpack, and put on practical sneakers or men’s-style sandals.
Male cut, female solution
If the previous version seemed to be not feminine enough or you belong to the category of girls who do not reject denim, we advise you to pay attention to dress shirts. Tailored like a men’s shirt, shirt dresses are one of the leading trends of the season. Prefer models without sleeves or with adjustable sleeves and patch pockets. In the trend of a dress of bright colors or with trendy prints, such as floral motifs. However, the dress of a gentle-blue shade in a narrow white strip will look not less advantageous. Espadrilles and a roomy shopper bag will complement the look.

summer picnic fashion tips

Sports idyll
Elements of a sports wardrobe have long ceased to be attributes of only fans of an active lifestyle. The combination of a voluminous T-shirt and leggings or knitted pants and a sweatshirt will look appropriate not only in the walls of a native fitness club but also outside the city. A stylish leather backpack and bright sneakers will help complete the look.
Casual option
You can look bright and unusual even in a basic T-shirt or T-shirt and trousers. The recipe is simple – choose a light monochromatic T-shirt made from natural fabrics and bright trousers-chinos or three-quarter pants. Accompany the outfit with ornaments in ethnic style, for example, wide bracelets made of wood, plain espadrilles or sandals.
If a picnic was planned for a long time and there is no opportunity to postpone it, and the weather let us down, then this is not a reason for worrying. It is enough to add a stylish bomber to the image, and also to replace open shoes with sneakers or rubber boots. So no rain breaks your plans!

Pin-up style

If you decide to celebrate a birthday or hold a bachelorette party in a picnic format, you can experiment a bit with the image and try on a pin-up outfit. A key element of this image will be short shorts with a high waist and a crochet top, as well as a shortened shirt with a short sleeve and a print in a Vichy cage or a pea. The image will be complemented by a stylish bandage or a cap.

About the author: Melisa Marzett loves summer and picnics very much. She also has a passion for fashion but at the same time, she likes to feel comfortable whatever she wears. Currently working for a smart writing company, she writes guest articles and is in a constant search for more guest post opportunities.

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