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SEPTA delays ‘bus revolution’ plans until 2024

Busch offered a new timeline for changes, which include an updated draft of the plan to be released by this spring.

“We have a series of public and community meetings about the plan that goes through at least the spring, if not into the early summer,” he said. “The plan would then go to the SEPTA board, and pending approval by the board, the major implementation, which would include things like the route changes, would be in the fall of 2024.”

Busch said the changes will not be implemented before the public fully understands the blueprint.

“There’s a lot more opportunities for people to weigh in. And we do think people are going to get more comfortable with it,” he said. “There’s always going to be tradeoffs in a situation like this. We have to weigh that very carefully, make sure that we’re providing the best service for as many people as possible.”

SEPTA officials say the route modifications, the first in almost 60 years, are necessary to prevent drastic cuts in service when federal recovery funds run out in 2025. If the changes are not implemented, officials say that entire routes would have to be cut, which could diminish ridership, leading to even more cuts.

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