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Spring is here and every one of us wants to look our best this time of the year. We all want to dress nicely. For a fashionista, dressing well is no less than an assignment.

The answer lies here. Straight from the streets of the fashion capitals like Milan, Paris, and London, I have come up with the ultimate spring list of accessory looks and how to wear them to look like a pureblood fashionista!


  1. The hoops are back

Well, to be honest, the Hoops never went out of style. But this spring, they are back, looking more elegant than ever. You can even break the rules and pair it with your favorite pair of jeans and a white shirt.

  1. Carry your lucky charms with élan

Personally, I am ecstatic to see my favorite piece of childhood jewellery come back as a trend. We all have that bracelet that doesn’t fit around our wrists anymore, but we are too nostalgic to throw them away.  You can make your own with your choice of charms and exude charm on the go. I know what mine would look like – a combination of books, pizzas and ice-cream cones!


  1. Bucket hats to shut out the sun

Spring comes with the benedictions of summer: sunshine! And although we like the summer on our skin, we don’t want an overdose of Vitamin D. Incoming: Bucket hats! If the sun is the problem, then there is nothing that a big, old-fashioned bucket hat cannot solve. You can pair your hat with wide-leg pants or a summer romper and be ready to hit the road.

  1. Beauty and the Berets

French berets are never out of fashion and you can swear by them with shut eyes be it spring, summer or winter. If you prefer classy over casual, then this is for you. Learn the art to exude ‘swagger’ from the fashion goddess Cara Delevingne and rock the social media this spring!


  1. Tie-ups to adorn your legs

My all-time favourite gladiators are back and I can already feel the ‘spring’ and hop in my feet. But this spring, the tie-ups have evolved.  I suggest you go for the extra-long ties and pair them with a skater dress. Check out how the Duchess of Sussex keeps it breezy and royal at the same time in the picture above.

  1. Sneakers to walk on the greens

The sneaker is an uber cool way to blend fashion and comfort. So, chuck the exhausting heels and predictable flip-flops this spring and rock the sports look with embellished and metallic sneakers. As a personal choice, I would suggest adding a pair of rose-gold sneakers to your shopping cart right now. Check out these cool must-have sneakers.


  1. Boho totes for the hippie in you

Bags – the bigger, the better! That is my policy when it comes to buying bags. And thanks to the Spring Fashion Week 2019, I no longer have to look stupid with my oversized tote.

  1. Clear case bags for beach vibes

Clear case bags left a mark in the fashion weeks, and I can see why. The very thought of having all your things stacked in the bag and being able to take out the item I want without churning everything into a mess is OCD satisfying for me. And if you think the bag looks too bland, just tie a vibrant scarf around the handle to add some pop to it.

Apart from bags, shoes, and hats, another spring essential is your pair of sunglasses. This spring fashion week was all about beautiful angular frames. So, do not shy away from ditching the round and ovals to settle for triangles diamonds and hexagons. In the end, remember that fashion isn’t a school of rules that you follow. To each their own – that is what fashion is about. So go be your best-dressed self today and make heads turn.

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