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Why We Want To Pay $300 To Get On This Theme Park Ride

Paying for theme park rides can be divisive. Some people love Disney World’s Genie+ service — where you pay to skip the lines on rides, but others think the service should be free. 

Rise of the Resistance Lightning Lane

At Disney World, you can even pay to get a time to ride the most popular rides in each park, like Rise of the Resistance at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. But would you pay $300 for a theme park ride?

Eatrenalin (pronounced like “eat” plus “adrenaline”) opened in November 2022 in Rust, Germany. It’s part of the Europa-Park Resort — one of Europe’s most popular theme park destinations. And THIS ride? Well it lasts about 3 hours and involves an 8-course meal.

The experience costs 195 Euros, with an additional 100 for wine and cocktail pairings with each course. That currently converts to about $320 USD for the ride. 

Eatrenalin in Rust, Germany

Your ride vehicle is a floating dining chair with your own table, which moves from room to room inside the ride building. You move through environments including the ocean and space on this culinary journey.

Coolest ride vehicle for foodies EVER!

The courses have exotic names like “Mysteries from Space,” “Asia’s Fifth Dimension,” and “Magical Revelation.”

Service in the Umami Room at Eatrenalin

You ride (and eat) in groups of 16, and the restaurant/ride can accomodate 192 diners each night. It’s currently open Thursday through Sunday.

And while we’re hoping to find a reason to go to Germany and try this soon, the owners of this concept say they hope to open different verson of Eatrenalin in other cities around the world. 

What do you think? Would you pay $300 for this theme park ride? Tell us in the comments.

Would you pay $300 for this theme park ride? Tell us in the comments.

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